Annual member picnic

Meeting Date Thu, Oct 9, 2003 7:00 PM - Thu, Oct 9, 2003 9:00 PM

is the annual members picnic gathering. All PPWGS members are invited to enjoy an evening of companionship and conversation. NOTICE. The picnic starts at 6:30pm, one hour earlier then the usual meeting time. The PPWGS will provide the meat, side dishes, and drinks. Members may bring a dessert to share if they wish. The club will also provide cups, plates and utensils. Please RSVP by phone to Betty Lou at 597-1504 by Monday, October 6, 2003.

The Pikes Peak Water Garden Society meetings are held every 2nd Thursday from April to September.  Most meetings start at 7:00 PM and wrap up around 9:00 to 9:30 PM.

This year our meetings will once again be held at the Mountain View Church of Christ located at 1080 East La Salle Street.  This is at the west end of Constitution Avenue on the southwest corner.

Enter through the east door on the north side of the church.

To see a map for the meeting location, click on the Link Below

Mountain View Church of Christ

Meeting Minutes

Pikes Peak Water Garden Society
Vendor Show General Meeting
August 14, 2003

The meeting was called to order by Bob Pollock, President at 7:36 P.M. There were 76 people in attendance for the meeting.

Dick Williams gave the treasurers report, checking balance was $1041.81 and the savings balance was $7015.52 for a total of $8057.33. What did we spend our money on this month, purchased the InFocus projector but this has not been paid out to date.

Nominations for board positions was announced and the floor was opened to nominations. Bob Pollock, Betty Bissonnette and Steve Carson are the three positions that are up for reelection. All three were nominated for reelection. Also open are Editor, Plant Sale and Pond Tour Coordinator positions.

Bob Pollock announced that a member from the past had 11 Koi for sale for a set price. If anyone is interested in quality Koi they should contact Bob for more information.

The evening program was then introduced by Ron Bissonnette. He had assembled a slide show featuring 10 members photos.
Bill Sheaves talked about Bio-Filters, Pumps and Valves. His system uses a 4800 gallon per hour pump.
Eva Steadman talked about lime rock and gravel bottoms. Also talked about bog filters and how they converted there existing system to include a bog filter and how it improved the water quality.
Ed Aubrey talked about smaller water features using a fountain or water fall as a focal point.
Frank Fraser talked about pond size and growth. Starting with a small feature and growing it over time into present time. He also talked about joining the PPWGS in 1989 and starting with a swimming pool liner. He then showed is next pond built out of a stock tank and then on to a flexible liner with skimmer and 1200 – 1300 gallon per hour pump.
Rich Metcalfe talked about high altitude and insulation between the ground and the liner on all sides. He also showed his pond cover and talked about putting the cover on after the aphids have been frosted. He then showed pictures of his new bog filter in progress and talked about an up-flow design.
Ron Bissonnette showed how in 1981 the just had a bridge and view of Cheyenne Mountain with small trees. Over time the water garden evolved into a formal square pond with a flagstone border and Lemon. This was expanded to include a lily pond and many more Koi. His last photo was inside he winter cover. He has some concern about his plants getting a rest during the winter.
Steve Carson talked about construction and evolution since they built their pond in the spring of 2000. There were several photos of before and after time passed showing how plants fill in and matures with time.
Dick Williams talked about concrete being in the way of his next water garden, making 7 total. He showed how he dug a hole to the side of the concrete and then shoved it into the hole and covered it with dirt. He discussed getting the hole packed in solid so the line would not sag. He also talked about how one pond evolved into 7 to date.
Betty Lou Bissonnette showed pictures of a viviparous water lily with 4 blooms on one stalk. She explained what viviparous means and showed where the new plant was starting to grow.
LaNell Williams showed her viviparous and gave more examples of this phenomenon.

Dick explained that Koi Lagoon in Fort Collins had donated several items to be used as door prizes this month. The following people were selected:
Clarity Max – Dick Williams
Dechlorimator 8 oz – LaNell Williams
Dechlorimator 16 oz – Rose Carson
Dechlorimator 32 oz – Eva Steadman
2 inch drain valve – Barb Pollock
Pond Starter Kit – June Gray
Pond Thermometer – Cathy Wittrup
AquaTron Pond Clearifier – Debbru Owen
Pond Thermometer – Philip
Rock and Water Garden Book – Don Lucke

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 P.M.
Respectfully submitted

Steve Carson,